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  1. Nielsen, S. B., Jochum, M., Pedro, J. B., Eden, C., Nuterman, R. (2019). Two-time scale carbon cycle response to an AMOC collapse. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34.

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Xaver Lange (PostDoc)

Regional Ocean Modelling (Villum Experiment)

Rogue Waves Prediction (DHRTC)

Markus Jochum

Oceanic Vertical Mixing, Marine Biogeochemistry and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (FNU)

Markus Jochum

Parameterizing Southern Ocean eddy-induced circulation in coarse resolution ocean models (Ice2Ice)

Markus Jochum

Laurits Andreasen (MSc)


Markus Jochum

Floriane Océane Sudre (MSc)

Fjord and Shelf Dynamics

Markus Jochum

Kari Enger Leigland (BSc)


Markus Jochum

Andrea Zunino (Assistant Professor)

Olga Henneberg (PostDoc)

Quantifying convective precipitation extremes under changing climate (Villum Foundation)

Bettina Meyer (PostDoc)

Quantifying convective precipitation extremes under changing climate (Villum Foundation)


Villum Experiment

Wiebke Kolbe (MSc)



Eigil Kaas

Simon Jacobsen (MSc)