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Roman Nuterman

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Research Projects




DC3: Danish Center for Climate Computing (2015-present);


GCS: Gauss Centre for Supercomputing - Large-Scale Project (2015-present);


Enviro-HIRLAM: Development of on-line coupled Atmospheric Chemistry Transport - Numerical Weather Prediction (ACT-NWP) modelling system (2005-present).




COST Action ES1004: European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling" (2012-2015);


COST Action ES1006: ’’Evaluation, improvement and guidance for the use of local-scale emergency prediction and response tools for airborne hazards in built environments’’ (2012-2015);


EU FP7 PRACE: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (2014-2015);


EU FP7 PEGASOS: ’’Pan-European Gas-Aerosol-Climate Interaction Study’’ (2011-2014);


EU FP7 TRANSPHORM: ’’Transport related Air Pollution and Health impacts - Integrated Methodologies for Assessing Particulate Matter’’ (2011-2014);


NordForsk MUSCATEN Nordic Network: Towards Multi-Scale Modelling of the Atmospheric Environment (2010-2012);


EU FP7 MACC: ’’Monitoring of atmospheric composition and climate’’ (2009-2011);


EU FP7 MEGAPOLI: ’’Megacities - Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric POLlution and climate effects, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation’’ (2008-2011);

CEEH: ’’Danish Strategic Centre for Energy, Environment and Health’’ (2007-2012);


COST Action 732: ’’Quality Assurance and Improvement of Micro-scale Meteorological Models’’ (2005-2009).


EU FP6 INTAS: Turbulent flow and transport modelling in urban canopy --- (project leader) (INTAS Ref. Nr 06-1000016-5928; 2007-2008).